Copenhagen currently relies on imported groundwater for its drinking water supply, but must become less reliant on external resources in future. A set of 9 scenarios for future water supply and waste water management are developed with the aim of making Copenhagen’s water supply entirely self sufficient. The scenarios are based on an analysis of current and past societal perceptions, mega trends and a catalogue of world’s best practice in urban water management. An initial screening of the scenarios is conducted by comparing them with a reference scenario (the current water supply) for the most important criteria. Perceptions, mega trends and evaluation criteria were identified by a stakeholder workshop. The scenarios that appear most promising are: central recirculation delivering water from a desalination and recycled grey water plant; a green city that relies on rainwater for supply and wastewater is separated and treated locally; a market driven water supply delivering various qualities of water and having separating sewage streams; and a local technological society where high tech treatment is used to produce and treat water within a neighbourhood.

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