The arsenic speciation and arsenic removal in chitosan packed column were studied. Arsenic removal experiments were carried out with an arsenic standard solution (1.0 mg/l) and drilled well water samples from Limon Mine Community at different pH, water flowrate, and volume of adsorbent material. The simulation of arsenic speciation was carried out at a pH range from 0 to 12, a temperature of 25ºC, a pE equal to 4, and a total arsenic concentration of 1.34 x 10-5 mol kg-1. According to speciation calculations arsenic is found mainly in oxidized form in the conditions of Limon Mine’s drilled well waters, dihydrogen arsenate ion (H2AsO4-), and hydrogen arsenate ion (HAsO42-) being the major species. The experiments showed that arsenic adsorption depends mainly on the pH as well as the activity of functional groups that compose the chitosan structure. At pH 3 and volume of adsorbent material of 337.8 cm3 an adsorption of 94% was obtained from arsenic standard solution, and the arsenic present in the Limon Community’s water was almost totally removed at pH 3 and 7. The use of the results for designing purposes demands the breakthrough curves for chitosan to be determined.

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