For complex systems such as wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), effective data communication is an important step to enable operators to assess their plant. However, examples in practice show that this step is insufficiently considered. In this article, we describe a fast, relevant, and intuitive decision-support tool for operators. We have developed a key performance indicator (KPI) visualisation tool for energy and process data embedded in a larger process optimisation software. The KPI set consists of indicator values relating to energy and effluent quality. In order to ensure that the visualisation tool will be used and cover the needs of the plant staff, we developed this part of the software in collaboration with two WWTPs. At the time of writing, the tool is used in the daily operation of both plants. The operators see the tool's most important advantages as its ability to quickly assess current plant performance and to simplify the tracking and analysis of inter- and intra-process relationships and dynamics.

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