The infiltration capacities (IC) of three different sands were measured repeatedly in a laboratory using a double-ring infiltrometer (DRI) and the Cornell Sprinkle Infiltrometer (CSI). The study assessed (1) the level of agreement between the infiltrometers, and (2) the reproducibility of values produced by each infiltrometer. The results were inconclusive regarding the agreement of IC measurements: the percentage difference in the mean IC was small for one sand (4%), but larger for the other two (32 and 48%), with the CSI yielding higher values than the DRI in both of these cases. For these latter two sands, the measurements were different at a statistical significance level of 0.01 and 0.05, respectively. Likewise, the results were inconclusive regarding the reproducibility of each instrument. The CSI showed much better reproducibility than the DRI for one sand (relative standard deviations of 7% and 26%, respectively), but slightly worse for the other two (23% and 18%, and 22% and 19%), respectively.

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