Hydrochemical studies of mine water on abandoned Nagornaya mine showed that they are weakly alkaline with high color, permanganate demand (PD) and content of iron cations compared to Russian state legislation standards for natural water of a different type. Mine water are polluted with Na, Li, Cu, Ni and Sr cations, while gas chromatography identified some saturated hydrocarbons, mainly from С22Н46 to С32Н66. The study demonstrates a developed technology of local mine water treatment with a high color, PD and iron concentration. The scheme offered includes two basic stages: electrochemical oxidation with industrial ruthenium-titanium oxide electrode comprising 30% RuO2 and 70% TiO2, and electric coagulation on Al-anodes. As per the scheme, the content of easily oxidable organic substances, iron cations and color are reduced to environmental quality standards.

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