This article corrects: Retracted: Prediction and optimization of volumetric power draw in an aerated and stirred vessel used in wastewater biological plant: a mathematical model developed by using central composite rotatable design analysis (CCRD)

Volume 11, Issue 3, , Article First Published 22 September 2016

Abstract: Water Practice and Technology issues a formal retraction in relation to the above article by Hayder Mohammed Issa. This decision was agreed upon after the author notified us that he did not have permission to publish this article. The experimental results used in this paper directly arising from the work Hayder M. Issa has carried out at the University of Toulouse during his PhD thesis under supervision. This whole work and the intellectual property belongs to the institution and Hayder M. Issa was not allowed to publish that without the University's authorisation which he did not receive, as a result...

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