Small constructed wetlands for up to 50 PT built in series are subject to two different fields of law. To place the product on the European market the construction law has to be respected and the product usually needs to be CE-marked. To operate such a plant and discharge the treated wastewater, the national water law needs to be respected and in some countries national approvals are required. This paper highlights the aspect of the construction law.

The paper introduces and gives a brief overview of the current legal situation in Europe under the construction products regulation 305/2011, the content of the EN 12566 and its mandatory initial type tests. A CE-marked product gives the manufacturer the opportunity to market it anywhere on the European market. Only national aspects from the water law concerning effluent requirements and operation need to be respected additionally, if existent.

In order to enable the manufacturer to CE-mark and declare the conformity of the constructed wetland system, the most important testing is the practical treatment efficiency test of the smallest model of the range and is therefore presented in more detail.

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