Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu State, India is the fourth most populous metropolitan city in the nation, and the world's 36th largest metropolitan area. This city is facing acute water scarcity since it depends mainly on the North East monsoon (October-December) rain. As per the WHO norm of domestic water supply along with 20% of domestic use for industrial purpose, Chennai needs 807 million litre per day (MLD) for the present 4.98 million people and 1,455 MLD in 2050 for the 8.98 million projected population. There is about 2,018 MLD of water by different sources to the city. However, the dependable water resource from to this city is only 730 MLD and hence the present deficit is 77 MLD and 725 MLD in 2050. However, through ‘Urban resilient’ integrated water resources management pathways, it is possible to generate or save about 4,225 MLD of water to this city and bridge the water supply demand gap.

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