Treatment of real yarn dyed wastewater using hybrid electrocoagulation (EC)-ozonation process has been carried out to solve the non biodegradable wastewater. The work aimed to treat the real yarn dyed wastewater under different ozone concentration and agitation speed and to estimate the kinetic parameter of ozonation. The effect of ozone concentration, agitation speed were studied to give the best performance of color and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal. The result indicated 38.12% of COD removal and 92.53% of color removal using EC with Al/Al electrodes for 10 minutes. The effluent was pumped to ozonation process for further COD removal. The result showed that 1 mg/L ozon was needed to destroy 4.73 mg/L COD. At ozonation process, the COD removal was 87.4% using 5.8% mol ozone at 400 rpm for 60 minutes. The kinetic parameter was estimated based on the experimental data. The reaction rate constant was 173.5 cm3/(g sec).

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