Águas de Portugal (AdP) group was responsible, during 2014, for the treatment of 547 million cubic meters of wastewater, operating more than 1,000 wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) in Portugal. Electrical energy (EE) consumption was evaluated in 219 gigawatt hours, representing the largest part of OPEX in these plants. Improving energy efficiency is an ongoing challenge for AdP, being a major challenge for such huge number of facilities as well as for the large number of different technologies applied. However, this scenario has allowed, during the last five years, a systematic analysis and benchmarking of the operational information, and has outputted an important management tool regarding EE consumption, based on real data from more than 800 WWTP. This tool is used to leverage consumptions and identify efficiency opportunities, and represents an operational asset, not only for future EE consumptions prediction, but also as a driver for energy efficiency plans and to the design of new WWTPs.

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