The Borough of Mechanicsburg, located in central Pennsylvania, was experiencing challenges in finding sufficient agricultural fields to continue the beneficial use of their anaerobically digested liquid wastewater treatment plant Class B biosolids. At the time, the only alternative available was dewatering and going to landfill, which is significantly more expensive. Due to environmental concerns and costs related to the alternatives, biosolids composting was selected to produce a Class A/EQ (Exceptional Quality) biosolids product, thus providing expanded opportunities for beneficial use. From the initial feasibility review to operational status, the implementation spanned nine (9) years, starting in 2005. The upgrade to composting was in conjunction with many other plant upgrades. Material Matters, Inc. provided support through the entire process including the feasibility study, pilot testing, cost assessment, compost facility design requirements, equipment assessment and recommendation, start-up testing, software development, permitting, fertilizer registration, product promotion, and marketing.

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