The chemical composition of groundwater in the Quaternary body SK1000600P in the Danube basin was analysed based on chemical analyses from 7 monitoring sites of the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute network during 2002–2009 and 2010–2015 time periods. The current status was evaluated based on the Regulations of the Government of the Slovak Republic No 282/2010. The influence of the pollution point sources on the groundwater quality was analysed based on selected indicators and their threshold values. The most contaminated groundwater was found in the Iža-Bokroš and Iža boreholes (NH4+, Cl, SO42−), while the least contaminated groundwater was detected in the Hurbanovo-Malý Vek borehole. It should be noted, that for example the primary origin of sulphates cannot account for such high concentration which means that it was the most probably caused by anthropogenic activity.

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