The recognition that environmental pollution is a worldwide threat to public health and environmental degradation has given rise to new initiatives for environmental restoration for both economic and ecological reasons. There are several methods to treat the dye contaminated industrial wastewater; of which biological treatment methods are economical and environmentally friendly. The bacteria and fungi remediation of dye pollutants has been well characterized over a period of more than 30 years. So, finding other biological methods in addition to bacteria and fungi is great important in the world. As a result, investigating and evaluating Phycoremediation techniques of dye wastewater (bioremediation using Microalgae) have gained a great deal of attention because of their versatility and capacity than bacteria and fungi. The aim of the research is to study Phycoremediation of Textile Wastewater Using indigenous Microalgae.

Physico-chemical parameters such as color, pH, total dissolved solid (TDS), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand of the waste were determined with ASTM standard methods before and after bioremediation. Photo bioreactor systems were used for Phycoremediation treatment techniques. PH, incubation time and temperature effects were determined on a photo bioreactor treatment and optimal experimental condition was ascertained. Instrumental analytical techniques (UV-Vis, FTIR) were used to determine percent decolorizations of dye wastewater before and after bioremediation; and the actual break down of the dye functional groups.

The maximum reductions of the basic parameters; COD, BOD and TDS were obtained 91.50%, 91.90% and 89.10% respectively. The optimum operating conditions in the photo bioreactor system were found incubation time 20 days, 30°C; with 10% of inoculums at a pH of 8. Under these conditions, a maximum of 82.6% decolorization was achieved in 20 days. The experimental investigations evidently tell us algae undoubtedly have the potential to rapidly, efficiently and effectively remove dyes wastewater.

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