Reduction of pressure at pump houses are the most feasible and most advantageous as the pipe design method that is used, is more than 200 years old and is based up on 19th century production technology. My research focuses on a general approach on improving and reducing the pressure loss of these pipe elements with the help of non-conventional methods, thus resulting in a lower and more optimal energy usage of pump houses. The problematic zones are identified with the help of numerical modelling, geometry changes can be made and tested the same method. The geometrical changes aiming at pressure loss reduction follow non-conventional ideas, form hemodynamic and other biomechanics sources. Pipes in the pump houses are designed, for more than 50 years of operation. Even a small pressure loss reduction with this new method will mean large amount of energy saving in total. The results show that 15%–60% of pressure loss reduction is feasible, according to the complexity of the geometry. Pressure loss reduction will reduce energy consumption of water pumps which will result in a more efficient water works operation.

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