Water shortages around the world pose a challenge to all living beings, as well as to humanity's abilityto sustain a high quality of life. Reverse osmosis (RO) technology, such as seawater desalination and wastewater reclamation, has become one solution for preventing water shortages. Improving the operation of RO facilities can increase water production. Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has more than 40 years' experience in engineering, operations and maintenance, and optimization of RO facilities, and today we assist RO operators to improve operating conditions with our KURIVERTER™ Treatment Program, which consists of unique chemicals for stable operation of RO systems. The treatment includes maintenance chemicals (for example, scale inhibitors and slime control agents) and emergency chemicals, such as membrane deterioration. This paper introduces case studies of KURIVERTER™ IK-110 with S.sensing™ B equipment to minimize biological fouling that causes downtime, and also the KURIVERTER™ RC series to recover deteriorated RO membrane performance. The key technology behind the KURIVERTER™ Treatment Program is our specialty product, the KURIVERTER™ IK-110 with S.sensing™ B. Using these technologies, an actual RO facility achieved a 14% production increase and a 28% unit cost reduction for permeate. The KURIVERTER™ RC series could recover damaged RO membranes at commercial plants and prolong their effectiveness for more than 3 months at a cost reduction of 60%.

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