Joint project has been conducted in a demonstration plant with 1-MGD capacity at Jurong Water Reclamation Plant to produce high quality effluent through a combined process of up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor and ceramic membrane bioreactor (UASB-CMBR). Water quality of the product and energy consumption met target which were evaluated after one-year operation. The joint project has further been conducted to optimize operating conditions including cleaning procedure. Recovery cleaning (RC) of the ceramic membrane was carried out after 18 months operation and permeability was recovered to be initial value. Stable filtration at 25 LMH was achieved after the RC. RO filtration test was also carried out to treat effluent from the UASB-CMBR. Stable operation in the RO system was achieved with flux of 15 LMH and recovery of 60%. Quality of RO permeates met criteria for industrial water. It is concluded that UASB-CMBR process with RO system can produce high quality water for reuse from industrial used water.

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