The Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) is aimed at providing a robust and efficient means of catering to Singapore's used-water needs. DTSS2 is the second phase of this project, comprising an approximately 30-km long South Tunnel, a 10-km long Industrial Tunnel, 60-km of Link Sewers and a new Water Reclamation Plant integrated with a NEWater facility. In contrast with tunnels designed to store overflows in combined sewer systems, the DTSS tunnels convey used-water all the time from Singapore's separated system. This paper describes hydraulic analyses that were conducted during the feasibility study and preliminary design. The topics covered include hydraulic modelling of the entire system with the main goal of ensuring system resilience, air management to avoid odours at ground level, and isolation of tunnel section using gates for potential maintenance or repair. The resilience analyses concentrated on the system functionality in case of a failure, to ensure that used-water can be safely conveyed to a treatment plant. The air management system included several odour control facilities and air jumpers to avoid escape of odorous air from the system and the isolation gates requires detailed hydraulic analyses to cater to the high heads involved.

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