This work demonstrates a possibility of composting of municipal waste waters sludge (WWS) digested during 5-7 days, of the Kuryanovo waste water treatment plants (the city of Moscow) without the use of traditional organic additives – sawdust, peat, thatch. As a recycling filler (repeatedly used), enhancing the porosity of the composted mixture, ribbed polyethylene spheres (∅=8 cm) and wood chips (having dimension of 5-10 cm) were used. Composting was performed efficiently in both cases, however, the use of wood ships had technological and economical advantages. The process of composting was carried out during 2-4 weeks and was composed of classical phases of active heating (a rate of 0.2-0.3oC/h was obtained), maintaining of maximum temperature during 1-2 days, and cooling down to the ambient temperature. During the course of composting, a product was obtained, having attractive organoleptic properties, suitable for application in municipal laying-out of greenery.

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