The results of 2 years experiments on thermophilic single and two-phase anaerobic co-digestion process on activated sludge and agro-wastes are presented. Solid agro-waste (mainly fruit and vegetable residuals from markets) and waste activated sludge were used as substrates. A pilot scale CSTR of 200 l working volume was used for single phase test, while an 0.8 m3 digester was added to study two-phase experiments. Treating only wasted sludge, the initial organic loading rate (OLR) was 0.7kgTVS/m3 d; then it was increased up to 2, 4 and 6 kgTVS/m3 d by OFMSW addition. Following OFMSW increase in the feed, it was found out the increase of GPR from 0.12 to 3.12 m3/m3 d and SGP from 0.16 to 0.51 m3/kgTVS in single phase. The stability of the process was showed also in the most critical operative conditions. Two phase experiments didn't show important differences to the single phase test in the range of OLRs studied up to now (up to 4 kgTVS/m3 d), clearly showing that these are not critical conditions for the process, that can be carried out in single phase in all the range studied. Considering the option of retrofitting the anaerobic digesters of the existing sludge line in WWTPs, the obtained data give important indications about process feasibility.

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