Household-centered technologies such as urine source separation (NoMix technology) could induce a paradigm change in urban wastewater management, hereby improving water pollution control and resource management. Technological innovations need real-world application for further development. The Swiss research project Novaquatis accompanied five pilot projects from 1997 on. We give a systematic overview of our experience, summarizing various important aspects, a fundamental one being a clearly defined goal. Early stakeholder involvement is crucial, because the still imperfect NoMix technology depends on people's goodwill. We reference data sheets, legal documents, etc. and make suggestions for installation, maintenance, and technology improvement. We identify areas for future research necessitating pilot projects and discuss their requirements to optimize the cost-benefit factor. This paper is intended as support to wastewater professionals to avoid the most serious pitfalls when conducting NoMix pilot projects. It contributes to increased interaction between research and real-world application of urban European household innovations.

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