To promote the ecological sanitation approach in India, the Indian Innovative Ecological Sanitation Network (IIESN) was established through a joint effort supported by the GTZ, local partners in India and other international partners. IIESN is expected to develop innovative and socially accepted ecological sanitation systems for India and explore operational, institutional and economical models for the implementation of those ecological sanitation systems. Current activities include the implementation of several demonstration projects in different areas of India. The projects comprise e.g. eco-friendly public toilets, school and individual toilets. The flexibility of the ecosan approach allows its incorporation in various local situations and adapted to the local reuse opportunities. Technologies of the demonstration projects comprise urine separating dehydration toilets, waterless urinals, urine storage, greywater treatment and black- or brownwater treatment with anaerobic digestion and constructed wetlands. Reuse options are the use of urine, dried faeces and sludge for fertilisation, use of treated water (greywater, kitchen wastewater, anal cleansing water, black- or brownwater) for irrigation and beautification and use of biogas for cooking,

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