The Sava river alluvion was the only water-supplying resource in Belgrade for decades, until 1986 (Fig. 1). Since 1986, water-supplying resource has become the river Sava, from whose waterflow certain quantities of water are being tapped and treated. The water source consists of 100 wells with horizontal drains and certain number of vertical tubular wells. The basic water source problems are related to the yield decrease. The reasons are colmation of the river bed and well ageing. Recently, the impact of ageing and colmation of well drains is becoming more and more dominant. The problem of safe city water supply is becoming evident, because all the installations are placed on one resource – the Sava river. The problem of the city-water source interaction is also evident. The city is putting “pressure” on the source, and the protection zones of the source disturb the city. The realization of very extensive study is in progress, which should point to the directions and ways to solve these problems. This work shortly presents the Belgrade groundwater source. Also, it shortly presents the installation ageing at the Belgrade water source, and directions for solving the problem.

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