The biosolids producers in southwest Canada and the northwest United States have banded together to form a biosolids information network with the purpose of advancing the environmentally sound management of biosolids through education and information, regulations development and research and demonstration. This organization currently known as the Northwest Biosolids Management Association (NBMA) has grown from a gritty band of 14 sludge management visionaries to a fully incorporated non-profit association of over 200 members in both the private and public sectors. What spark ignited this conflagration of creativity? What calamity could possibly convince 200 relatively sober agencies to pony up a collective $200,000 American every year? What great cosmic bellows continues to force the airs of inspiration into the dry and desiccated souls of Biosolids managers across beautiful British Columbia and beyond? The answers lie in the modern day alchemy that is biosolids management. It is the inspiration gained from spinning gold out of something less aesthetically pleasing. It is the satisfaction in communicating to a mass audience the technical and counter intuitive science of residuals treatment. Creation and maintenance of a Biosolids information network is an essential tool in fostering the environmentally sound use of this extremely useful product.

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