Norway is among the leading countries in the world regarding the quantity and quality of treated sludge (biosolids) recycled to agriculture. However, for nearly 3 years ago the Norwegian Farmer's Union requested a scientific risk assessment of the use of biosolids for agricultural purposes. Considering the scepticism towards use of biosolids in agriculture in the neighbouring countries and possible impacts on domestic market mechanism, it cannot be taken for granted that agricultural outlets will continue to be the main recycling route in Norway in the future

To meet these challenges the Norwegian Water and Wastewater Association (NORVAR) has developed a national communication program in order to enhance mutual confidence and information transfer between the major stakeholders. The main objective of the program is to promote public acceptance and confidence in the utilitarian value of recycled biosolids. The program was implemented in 2005 as a 3 year program period and comprises objectives, strategies and measures respectively.

Experiences indicate that implementing the communication strategy will play an important role in securing biosolids recycling routes in Norway in the future. The paper will give a brief presentation of the program, experiences, results achieved, challenges and the way forward.

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