Hybrid Activated Sludge Process (HASP) with IMET was developed and applied to an activated sludge process for the advanced nutrient treatment in Korea. The characteristics of nitrogen removal from the HASP were investigated through a kinetic study by batch-type experiment. Online DB analysis produced from the IMET was conducted for the nutrient removal performance in the field demonstration plant treating 10,000 m3/day in G city of Korea. In this paper, we aimed to determine the effect of increasing NHM4+-N load on the specific nitrification rate (SNR) and the specific denitrification rate (SDNR) through a batch-type experiment, and to estimate the net reaction time for the phase-transfer rate using online DB analysis in the HASP operation. Experimental results include: (1) both the nitrification and denitrification followed first-order kinetics; (2) the maximum SNR and SDNR were 4.0301 mgN/gVSS·hr and 2.785 mgN/gVSS·hr, respectively; (3) comparison of reaction rates between nitrification and denitrification from the non-linear regression analysis found that nitrification rate was higher than denitrification.

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