The Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore embarked on MBR technology evaluation program in 2002. The three systems, i.e. Zenon system, Mitsubishi system and Kubota system, were set up in early 2003 and evaluated. Other MBR systems like Memcor MBR, Toyoplus MBR, Singaport Cleanseas MBR, Huber MBR and Asahi MBR were tested later on or is under testing. These trials have generated valuable information on the design and operation of the MBR systems under tropical environment in pilot scales. PUB decided to extend the pilot scale operations by building a 23,000 m3/d demonstration plant at Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant. This plant was commissioned in December 2006. The product of this plant is supplied to industries as Industrial Water. The plant produces industrial water which is superior to all the requirements. The power consumption is about 0.55 kwh/m3 and no intensive chemical cleaning has been done since the start-up of the plant for about 7 months.

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