Recovering spent filter backwash water is currently receiving a great deal of attention. EPA published the Filter Backwash-Recycling Rule (FBRR) in 2001. Recycle stream may contain significant concentration of pathogens, such as, cryptosporidium and Giardia. Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) was investigated as a possible technology alternative to simple or advanced sedimentation technology. In this study with using a pilot of DAF effluent turbidities of >20NTU could be easily obtained, when raw water turbidities were in excess of 800 NTU. Chemical requirements were low with only a single low dose of polyaluminium chloride (PACl) required binding the floc particles to form a solids matrix suitable for flotation. The results showed that the efficiency of continuous flow DAF with using PACl as coagulant for removal of Turbidity, COD, HPC, SS and MPN were 97, 72, 75, 95 and 100 percent, respectively. The statistical analyses indicated that the optimum saturation pressure is 4-5 atm, during recycle rate of 20-25 percent. The removal efficiencies of turbidity and bacteria in coagulation with sedimentation were reported up to 70 and 65 percent, while in this study using DAF with coagulant PACl could remove turbidity, COD, SS and bacterial up to 97,72, 95 and, 72 percent respectively.

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