This paper describes the current situation and technological progress on the MBR .The first part deals with the future trends of world water use and need of water recycling. Based on the White Paper published by the AMEDIUS project, MBR has a great potential as a key technology for the water recycling.

The second part deals with the recent research results of the authors on the membrane fouling. The following conclusions were derived from the pilot plant study:

1). The PE membrane fouled more rapidly than did the PVDF membrane,

2). Composition of the physically irreversible foulants differed considerably depending on the membrane polymer material,

The third part deals with a newly developed MBR for the nitrogen removal. In the MBR, simultaneous nitrification/denitrification in a single bioreactor is possible by inserting baffles into a normal MBR and controlling the water level to produce the anoxic condition.

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