Wastewater treatment has been performed in the City of Prague for more than one hundred years. However, with the complete adaptation of the EU legislation (acquis communautaire) into the national Czech environmental law, the City of Prague will have to build and put into operation a new nutrient removal activated sludge plant by year 2010. The activated sludge process will employ the original Czech technique of in-situ bioaugmentation of nitrification in regeneration zone. The in-situ bioaugmentation method has been successfully used in the last ten years in the upgraded existing plant with very good results. The new wastewater treatment plant will be located on the area of the current wastewater plant as well as on the area of the so-called gardens. The application of the in-situ bioaugmentation technique will help to keep the new plant as compact as possible which is necessary because of the limited space of the Cisarsky island.

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