A 1.1 kW submersible water pump with a venturi air injector was used in this study to examine the effects of three factors including nozzle diameter (14, 17 and 20 mm), aeration depth (20, 40 and 60 cm), and aeration angle (0, 22.5 and 45°) on standard aeration efficiency (SAE). For maximum air entrainment, HT / DT ratio and DT / DN ratio were equal to zero and 2, respectively. Among the first factor experiments, 14 mm nozzle diameter showed the highest SAE value (P<0.05). Although, 60 cm aeration depth and 45° aeration angle had more SAE value among other depths and angles, but there was not a significant difference (P>0.05) in each aeration depths and angles. Only, the determination coefficient for effect of nozzle diameters on SAE value showed a good result (R2= 0.958). The greatest oxygen transfer efficiency in this study has been achieved with using 14 mm nozzle size, 60 cm depth of aeration, and 45° angle of venturi tube in water aeration that was 1.166 kgO2/ kWh. Venturi aerators are very inexpensive in comparison with other aerators and have some other advantages that can be considered as one of the best devices for water aeration.

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