At present, all dewatered sewage sludge generated by sewage treatment works (STW) is disposed of at landfills. This current practice of sludge disposal at landfill is not sustainable from both environmental and technical perspectives. The Hong Kong sludge contains high content of chloride due to use of seawater flushing in most of the Hong Kong areas and Hong Kong is a densely populated city. This unique condition has limited its selection of the alternative sludge treatment technology. The Sludge Treatment Facilities (STF) adopting fluidized bed incineration technology is a sustainable alternative for sludge disposal in Hong Kong. The design capacity of the STF is 2000 wet tonnes per day. The STF will be implemented under a Design-Build-and-Operate contract arrangement with a contractual operation period of 15 years and is scheduled to be commissioned by 2012.

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