This paper describes an international biosolids management initiative, known as the Australian and New Zealand Biosolids Partnership (ANZBP). The ANZBP - known formerly as the Australasian Biosolids Partnership – comprises 33 members dedicated to promoting the sustainable management of biosolids across the two nations. Two critical research projects are described, each of which contributes to the ANZBP goal of promoting the sustainable management of biosolids. The first is a review of community attitudes to biosolids management, the outcomes of which will be used to refine communication tools and methods of community consultation and which will provide input to policy development over time. The second is a review of regulations in place in Australia and New Zealand carried out to identify inconsistencies and improvements that could be made. An outcome of this initiative is potentially the development of a best practice manual. The relationship of the two projects to a sustainability framework adopted by the ANZBP is also described, as is the relationship of the two projects to each other.

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