The mechanisms of increase in geosmin concentration in MF permeate with filtration time were investigated when inflow to the MF contained cyanobacteria incorporating geosmin inside and outside their cells. Whereas the geosmin concentration in the MF permeate was almost the same as the extracellular geosmin concentration in the MF inflow at the beginning of filtration, it increased and exceeded the extracellular geosmin concentration in MF inflow after 2 h of filtration. A cell viability test using a double-staining method revealed that a portion of the intracellular geosmin, which was incorporated in the cyanobacterial cells and therefore retained on the MF membrane, was released from the cells. This occurred probably because increased transmembrane pressure (TMP) with filtration time forced the cells to compress. However, geosmin release was not explained simply by cell breakage: other possible factors were implied.

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