The concept of a reed willow bed combination has the potential to achieve a zero discharge wastewater treatment system. This paper will present results from a two year study to monitor the performance of a reed willow bed facility at Lynches Lane, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Outline design specifications for the facility will be presented. Monitoring results for a two year period including influent and effluent parameters, rainfall, potential evapotranspiration, and soil classification will be presented and discussed. During the two year monitoring period the system achieved a zero discharge. This paper will discuss the potential widespread application of similar systems in Ireland. This is in the context of a recent EU judgment which declared that Ireland has failed to fulfill its obligations regarding domestic wastewaters disposed of through individual waste water treatment systems. The development of an appropriate zero discharge wastewater facility has the potential to address this source of environmental pollution in Ireland. This paper will discuss the sizing and operation of such systems specific to the climate and soil conditions based on current knowledge and experience. Areas for further studies will be discussed.

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