Breakthrough technology for nutrient removal. The innovation involves the purification of wastewater and urine in combination with the generation of sustainable electricity and upcycling of phosphate. The process was recently developed by DHV, patented and is currently being put into use in a first pilot project. The social relevance is high: 1) nutrient reduction and clean water are important pillars in the global protection of scarce freshwater resources; 2) major building block for energy efficient “purification of the future”; 3) reduction of nutrient emissions in the agricultural sector. Degree of cost effectiveness is very high. In comparison with conventional solutions, the costs are lower by a factor of 2. It also delivers a saving of approximately € 3-12 million per 0.01 improvement of the ecological quality index for brooks, lakes, canals and ditches in comparison with current RWS (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) / regional packages. Upscalability is large; it is applicable to virtually all STPs (Sewage Treatment Plants) in the Netherlands and abroad and is also applicable for decentralized urine (pre-) treatment.

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