Prior to Manila Water's entry into the East Zone as MWSS's concessionaire in 1997, the water supply and distribution system was characterized by low service coverage, high levels of leakage due to pilferage and deteriorating pipes, limited water availability and poor operating efficiencies. This presentation details how the MWSS PPP framework, coupled with Manila Water's multi-pronged, corporate approach, has been key to reversing the sorry state which Metro Manila's East Zone found itself in before 1997.

Crucial to the success of Manila Water was the adoption of a multi-pronged corporate strategy composed of five interrelated variables: (1) Profit Model, (2) Market/Customer, (3) Resources, (4) Systems and Processes and (5) Talent and Organization. The presentation explains how these factors have come together to bring out the “virtuous cycle” in the East Zone.

The numerous achievements of Manila Water over the past thirteen years, which are highlighted in the last section of the presentation, have been directly attributed to the successful corporate strategy employed by Manila Water.

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