The reduction of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) through leakage detection is gaining ever higher significance for well-run water utilities. Tethered leak detection technology has become an essential tool for detecting the presence pinpointing the location as well as estimating the magnitude of leaks in large diameter (300 mm and above) water transmission mains of all pipe materials. For the past 7 years, inline CCTV inspection has also been available for in-service water mains using the Sahara® tethered video inspection system. These two technologies were used independently, which required two surveys for the same pipeline to deliver leak detection and CCTV inspection.

This paper introduces Sahara AV, tethered combined leak detection and CCTV inspection technology designed to deliver multi functions such as leak detection, leak location and CCTV inspection through only one deployment for in-service water mains; recently wall thickness assessment has also been added to the list of technologies which can be mounted on the Sahara system. This paper introduces the Sahara AV system along with its specifications and explains the mechanism adopted to introduce the sensor into the live pipeline. The paper also discusses Sahara case study from Asia describing the benefits and return on investment experienced by clients that have engaged with programs involving Sahara technology.

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