The objective of this work is to decrease energy consumption of the aeration system at a mid-size conventional wastewater treatment plant in the south of Sweden where aeration consumes 44% of the total energy consumption of the plant. By designing an energy optimised aeration system (with aeration grids, blowers, controlling valves) and then operating it with a new aeration control system (dissolved oxygen cascade control and most open valve logic) one can save energy. The concept has been tested in full scale by comparing two treatment lines: a reference line (consisting of old fine bubble tube diffusers, old lobe blowers, simple DO control) with a test line (consisting of new Sanitaire Silver Series Low Pressure fine bubble diffusers, a new screw blower and the Flygt aeration control system). Energy savings with the new aeration system measured as Aeration Efficiency was 65%. Furthermore, 13% of the total energy consumption of the whole plant, or 21 000 €/year, could be saved when the tested line was operated with the new aeration system.

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