In last decade the focal point of the activated sludge (AS) modelling shifted from a secondary-treatment to a plant-wide level. This new approach offers more possibilities, therefore demands more effort and expertise from a modeller.

This paper presents a plant-wide approach to modelling and simulation of a full-scale AS wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The construction and routine operational data of the full-scale Central WWTP in Gliwice (Poland) were used in this study to develop an integrated model of the water and sludge lines of the plant. The core of the plant model was the Activated Sludge Model No.1 (ASM1), which combined with sub-models of the other processes, was implemented in the WEST® Software version 3.7.6. The calibration strategy, verification and predictive capacity of the model are discussed. The calibrated model permitted acceptable accuracy of the simulation, yet limited data restrained its scope. Thus, the obtained mathematical description of the plant is a preliminary yet sound basis for a more versatile model. The model limitations and opportunities for its further applications and development are discussed.

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