This work focuses on the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in the city in Morocco called ‘Mrirt’. This WWTP produces quite noticeable odors especially from the anaerobic ponds, leading to the search for a solution to reduce odors. The location is not far from habitations. The solution chosen is the recycling of effluent from the exit of the plant towards the anaerobic ponds. The study consists in modeling the effect of recycling wastewater. Modeling discussed is to bring the operation of the anaerobic and facultative ponds by mathematical models that can then be used to perform simulations of the projected order to determine the impact on the recycling wastewater solution. Recycled effluent and its injection into anaerobic lagoons is a process and a new experience in Morocco. The simulation results of this new principle are quite promising and may thus constituted a platform for future projects of sewage treatment plants on the one hand and for projects and solutions to reduce odors from anaerobic lagoons on the other hand. It should be noted that it was very difficult to choose the parameters used as input data for modeling anaerobic lagoons.

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