Hydro-geochemistry and isotopes were used to understand the geochemical character and origin of the groundwater from coal bearing aquifer in Northern Anhui province, China. Twenty three groundwater samples were collected, and the isotopic composition δD, δ18O and major ions were analyzed, conventional graphical and multivariate statistical approach was completed and the result showed: three groups of groundwater could be divided form the rectangular field, the Ca-Mg-Cl, Na-Cl-SO4 and Na-HCO3 type water; the feldspar weathering is dominating weathering process, whereas, the sulfuric acid is the weathering agent along with the carbonic acid; the groundwater mainly supplied from the meteoric water for all the plots are below the local meteoric water line and global meteoric water line, the values of δD are drifted obviously, what could be caused by the exchange reaction of δD between groundwater and alkyl.

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