The thermal power plant ‘Morava’, with a productive force of 125 MW, is located on the right bank of the River Velika Morava, near the city of Svilajnac, Serbia. This power plant uses coal for production. Ash and slag from the coal are burned and go to a landfill by hydraulic transport. The ratio of the liquid/solid mixture is 10:1. Towards the reduction of water quantity taken from the Velika Morava river for hydraulic transport, it's provided to build a water recirculation system for overflow and drainage water from landfill to power plant. In this paper, the results of the hydraulic study of water balance in landfill is shown. The goal of this study is to assess the water quantity in landfill, which can then be reused for hydraulic transport. For dimensioning of drainage system and overflow building on landfill, it was necessary to perform detailed analysis of rainfall and filtration throw landfill. With results of water quantity in drainage system, and overflow water, all parts of the recirculation system of water, from landfill to power plant, was performed. Also, in this paper are the data of hydraulic transport of mixture of water and ash/slag.

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