In 2005 one of major Czech manufacturers of glass reinforced plastic pipes asked the Department of Sanitary and Ecological Engineering to develop a new type of combined sewer overflows (CSO) chamber that could become a part of their manufacturing programme. The main requirements were economy of production, easy and fast installation on the field and increased protection of receiving waters.

A simple object consisting of a pipe placed above another one was designed. The object begins with a stilling chamber formed by a conical expansion of the inlet pipe. It is separated from the overflow object itself by a downflow baffle designed to trap floating objects. The CSO chamber is equipped by a flow regulation device (e.g. vortex valve or throttle pipe) at the end. Excess water flows through a slit in the top of the bottom pipe into the upper pipe and from there to the receiving water.

More than 15 prototypes were already installed in the Czech and Slovak Republics and more than 20 are planned to be built in Europe. We hope this type of CSO CHAMBER will help to decrease the cost of construction of new sewers and reconstruction of old ones. Its higher efficiency of separation of suspended particles might also contribute to the improvement of the quality of receiving water bodies according to Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.

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