The aim of this work was to optimize the biodegradation of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) containing actual textile wastewater for a sustainable treatment solution. The isolated microbial consortia of effective PVA degrader namely Candida Sp. and Pseudomonas Sp., which were responsible for symbiotic degradation of chemical oxidation demand (COD) and PVA from desizing wastewater. In the process optimization, the maximum aeration was essential to achieve a high degradation rate, where as stirring enhances further degradation and foam control. Batch experiments concluded with the need of 16 lpm/l and 150 rpm of air and stirring speed respectively for high rate of COD and PVA degradation. Optimized process leads to 2 days of hydraulic retention time (HRT) with 85–90% PVA degradation. Continuous study also confirmed above treatment process optimization with 85.02% of COD and 90.3% of PVA degradation of effluent with 2 days HRT. This study gives environment friendly and cost effective solution for PVA containing textile wastewater treatment.

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