The changing global energy environment which promotes efficiency in energy use and production as well as the use of renewable energies has led to the need for appropriate methodologies and tools in order to manage energy more efficiently. The objective of this paper is to describe the methodology and tools developed and implemented by Aqualogy (a subsidiary company of the AGBAR water utility company, specialised in technology) in order to improve energetic performance and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from water facilities. The methodology combines energy auditing with an energy consumption monitoring plan. Some tools have been developed in this field in order to support decision-making, such as those regarding tariff optimisation, and prediction of equipment anomalies that could lead to an increase in energy consumption. Using the tool CAFCA, a carbon footprint calculator specifically for the water cycle, it is possible to report greenhouse gases emissions and to quantify savings in CO2 emissions. By applying this methodology to 21.7% of AGBAR's facilities we have been able to observe a reduction of 3% audited energy, which means 6% of the facilities' energetic cost.

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