This study focuses on the different physical and chemical water quality parameters of two catchment areas centring on the extent of water pollution in the two basins. Data containing physical and chemical water quality parameters for the Crocodile (West) Catchment area (Gauteng) and the Berg Catchment area (Western Cape) at reconnaissance level of detail were collected from the Department of Water Affairs (DWA) over a period of 5 years, 2007–2011. The relevant data were screened and sorted using the SPSS Software Version 2.0. The data were subjected to ANOVA statistics to search for significant variations in the water quality parameters of concern across the study period in each of the catchment area. The physical and chemical analyses were carried out to determine whether the water quality falls within the total water quality range as prescribed by DWA and WHO for domestic use. Pearson correlation analyses were used to determine the relationship between physical and chemical water quality parameters and the rainfall data over the study period.

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