Ceramic membrane technology is used in water treatment due to the robustness of ceramic membranes, but ceramic membrane systems are costly as each membrane module is housed in individual casing. PWNT has developed a ceramic membrane system called the CeraMac which greatly reduced the capital cost of installing the system by housing up to 200 modules in a single stainless steel vessel. PWNT and PUB have jointly started a 18-month operation at Choa Chu Kang Waterworks (CCKWW). In this paper, the results of the optimization runs using settled water as feed has shown that membrane operation at flux of 200 lmh can be sustained with stable transmembrane pressure (TMP) and permeability, and the proposal to apply 0.5 mg/L residual ozone to the feed to investigate the effect of ozonated feed on membrane operational performance and fouling will be discussed.

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