There are major challenges for the water infrastructure asset management in the public sector of Sweden. Necessary intensity of reinvestments is too low and simultaneously stakeholders find it difficult to source qualified personnel. By implementing comprehensive methods such as Infrastructure Asset Management (IAM) processes, efficiency can be improved and to some extent compensate for lack of human and economic resources. Mistra InfraMaint research programme is building and disseminating knowledge of sustainable, effective and efficient maintenance of infrastructure. Involving stakeholders is found to be effective to transfer the research into practise. The cooperation between researchers and stakeholders started already in the application phase, giving the opportunity to meet, get to know each other and discuss the importance and priorities. For further in depth involvement of stakeholders, six of the PhD students are industrial PhD-students, situated within the municipal companies' organisations. Also, the competence building parts of the programme will be done in co-creation with the stakeholders. In the coming years, Mistra InfraMaint will contribute with innovative and applicable knowledge, and increase utilization of new technologies, approaches and methods. Dissemination of the results will lead to increased competence and contribute to better IAM within relevant organisations.

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