This study was carried out to characterize raw and treated Arba Minch town slaughterhouse wastewater and to assess its methane generation potential with Lab-scale anaerobic batch reactors. The methane was collected by down ward displacement of alkaline water column. The methane generation potential of the slaughterhouse wastewater was 270.6 mL methane per gram of volatile solids at hydraulic retention time (HRT) of 20 days at 37 °C. The organic loading rate was 0.48 g COD/L.d and the organic matter removal efficiency of the reactor was COD (93.5%), BOD5 (88.5%), and TVS (94.7%). The result demonstrated installation of biogas reactor to treat the slaughterhouse wastewater can recovers methane and reduce pollutants and protect the environment. The result can be a demonstration for untreated slaughterhouse wastewaters in developing countries like Arba Minch Town to use anaerobic treatment and supplement their scarce energy options.


  • It demonstrated case of developing abattoir house wastewater reuse.

  • It shows how to generate energy, size for abattoirs and environmental Agency.

  • It showed the option of treatment for the abattoir house waste water in developing countries.

  • It demonstrates the abattoir houses are polluting the water body.

  • classical lab scale method can be used to study wastewater reuse where there is shortage of resources.

Graphical Abstract

Graphical Abstract
Graphical Abstract
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