This study assesses the impact of Koshe open dump site leachate on nearby groundwater quality. Groundwater quality is threatened by open dump sites. Groundwater samples around Koshe open dump sites showed elevated levels of various physicochemical characteristics, including Electrical conductivity (EC), Potassium (K), Iron (Fe), Chromium (Cr3), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Total Alkalinity, Nitrate (NO3), Phosphate (PO4+), Cadmium (Cd), Bicarbonates (HCO3), Arsenic (As), Salinity, Cobalt (Co), and Silicon (Si), exceeding Ethiopian, WHO, and EPA drinking water quality standards. Among the sampled wells, the one located at Ayer Tena High School, upstream of Koshe, exhibited significantly lower concentrations of parameters indicating leachate impact on groundwater quality As, Cd, Cr3, Pb, Hg, Molybdenum (Mo), NO3-, K, and PO4+ compared to others. The presence of these parameters in nearby groundwater wells suggests a substantial impact of the Koshe dump site on groundwater quality. Traditional landfills and dump sites must be outlawed, and new hygienic landfills must be constructed in a convenient location to end the continued groundwater pollution.

  • The study focused on Koshe open dump site which is the official active landfill site for Addis Ababa city.

  • The study was conducted from November 2022 to May 2023 giving a total of thirty-eight (38) parameters of the six (6) groundwater samples and one (1) leachate.

  • Groundwater and leachate samples were collected and analyzed for selected water quality parameters and compared to the Ethiopian Water Quality Standard (ES), Environment Protection Authority (EPA), and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for drinking-water quality fourth edition of WHO.

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